Play Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is the best FPS game on the internet. Join the army and become the greatest gangster of all time.

If you are playing for the first time, rest assured that there is a huge forum to discuss and help new players, you will never be left behind.

There are four class to play in Shell Shockers

EggsploderFree Ranger, Scrambler, and Soldier, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, along with a completely different playing style. Getting kills gives the player an in-game currency in the form of Golden Eggs. These can be used to purchase a wide variety of Cosmetics, ranging from weapon skins to hats.

The 4 character classes in the game give you a different approach to the game and different strategies for each team, choosing the right character for you to win with your teammates.

Large game maps and many interesting blind spots make the game more unpredictable than ever, explore and master all the skills of the game.

of Cosmetics, ranging from weapon skins to hats.

Participate in the noble missions of the game, bring glory to yourself and your teammates.

Multiplayer and team modes need you to show absolute confidence and superior skills, many strategies to win, the table needs to keep up with your teammates' speed and adapt quickly to the tactics flash of the opponent.

Equip yourself well before the game starts, every skill can be upgraded but carefulness has to start with you.

Each different map will have special locations for you to dominate, or quickly get there as quickly as possible.

When you are the last survivor, do not rush or rush to make a decision, or wait for your teammates to revive it is the most sensible strategy.

When 1 vs 1 do not stand still or move continuously so that the opponent cannot catch up with you, when you are in a more advantageous position, you should respond.

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